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What is news supposed to be?

Is it supposed to inform? In that case, 90% of all news wouldn’t exist as people can be informed about all relevant information within 60 flat seconds every day.

No news has always had a greater purpose.

News is not a medium designated only for informing the public. It is a medium to help people make decisions based on relevant information.

US politics has steeped to a new low under the watchful gaze of the media co-opted by the elites.
Can we blame the politicians? No, we all know politicians will do what is best for them, it is their nature. The entire point of having an institution called the ‘media’ is to rein the politicians in.

What is Camois?

It is an attempt to do what the mainstream media hasn’t done – rein the powerful in. It is not an attempt to wrest power from the powerful, but to make the public realize the power they wield when they fill a ballot.
The American mainstream has been at the wheel for a long time. Now is the time for new media to come and inspire new leadership.
Camois will run stories which will explain the decadence of the unholy trinity between politicians, corporates, and media. It will also cover stories showing how the will of the people can overwhelm all kinds of odds.
Camois doesn’t claim to be unbiased. It is whole heartedly biased towards the cause of greater power equity in America.


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